Things you might be missing

Actually, you probably won’t be missing these things.
a) because the first thing is just a regular blog post
b) because the second thing is another cool blog, and it was only a few days ago that I gave you my most recent
c) well, actually you might be missing Zaimisms. Which is why I’m giving you some.

So, there are only two things I hate to eat. Broad beans, because they’re the colour of snot and they taste like gone-off sand, and are just generally horrible. My mum loves them, which is a shame. I was brought up on ‘no-thankyou’ helpings of the things, which is to say the size of helping you get if you say ‘no thankyou’ when they’re offered. Which is a small portion, and much smaller than if you say ‘no I don’t want them, they’re yucky’.
The other thing I hate is blue veiny cheese that smells like feet. I don’t understand why you’d put it on food, particularly pizza. We had pizza for lunch because Halima decided she wanted to show me her favourite restaurant. I was half an hour late getting there because taxis were useless, but I made it in the end, and we had a huge salad between us, and then a four-cheese pizza. Which is fine except for the little lumps of foot-cheese, just waiting to catch me out. They’re so salty and horrible. Other than that, it was awesome though.

You should look here. I loved this before, because the lady who runs it, Adele, used to make pictures around her beautiful baby girl Mila when she was sleeping. Depending on what she was wearing, Adele would alter her idea for the background. Sadly she’s stopped doing that, but the lullaby she has written in the top post is beautiful, so I thought I’d let you guys in on it.

Zaimisms now, because they have been lacking somewhat. If you’ve only recently joined us, you might like to look here, then here and maybe here as well before you try to understand what is going on below.

‘Life will be difficult if you see it with difficult glasses’ I have to be honest, I really like this one. Plus I think it’s the first metaphor where food or drink has not been heavily involved (bar above of course).

‘Honey is sweet. It doesn’t make sense to put sugar in it’ Once again, Si Zaim, you have absolutely hit the nail on the head. I think I might adopt some of these myself. 

And allow me to introduce you to my personal favourite Zaimism ever. No explanation, it is perfectly self-illustrative.

‘The media is media. That’s why they call it media’

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