Things which don’t help my awesomness target

You know how a few days ago in this post I talked about how healthy I was going to be? Well today has proven that life doesn’t want to back that up. I finished school at 12, and decided to be healthy and walk the 45 minutes from school to home. It was too hot to walk. I got in looking for all the world like a tomato, and feeling a bit like one as well. Once I’d cooled down, we had lunch, and this is where the world got me right in the teeth.

Pieds de veau.

If you don’t know what that is, it’s this.

And the edible bit of that is exclusively fat. So I went on a nice 45 minute walk, only to easily eat back on 45 minutes worth of fat. It tasted ok, but had a really weird texture so I didn’t eat much in the end. I think Halima noticed, because she said she probably won’t cook it again, which made me feel a bit bad. But then, feet. Ew.

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