I am in every way aware that three posts in a single day is overkill (unless you do this for a living. But I don’t, so overkill)

I had to write about getting home tonight though. It was horrible. I don’t know when I got this broken, but apparently little old me is still really scared of the dark. And Fes city centre is surprisingly dark, which is less than ideal when all I need is to get in a taxi and go home. Which took me an entire 20 minutes of being told ‘no’ before I finally bagged a free cab willing to pay me any attention.

Fes is beautiful at night, but I just can’t enjoy that alone. I constantly feel nervous and the second someone shouts anything at me, I get all jittery. When an empty cab turned me down for no reason, I practically cried, I wanted to get back here so much. Thankfully I only finish after day one day a week – may that continue after Christmas insha’allah because I can’t handle another evening like that again.

To make matters worse, Halima has awful tooth ache, poor thing. I’m hoping that she’ll just behave and let me cook dinner for her, because she seems in a lot of pain, and once again the now elusive Mounia has failed to make an appearance.

Here is Fes by night. How I wish I could enjoy this, rather than just being terrified of every shadow.

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