Yowm Taweel.

Hello and welcome to my rant about how ridiculously long my day has been so far.

It is now 4pm and I’m about to start another two hours of class. Which would be fine if I’d had a break in the middle, but I haven’t on account of stuff. So basically I woke up (as I said earlier) at stupidly-late-o’clock ran for a taxi, got to school and sat through two hours of reading. Which was quite good, but I was tired, and greasy. And then we got our writing pieces back in writing, which is good in that I did well, and poor in that we spent two hours on corrections which didn’t apply to everyone. Some stuff was interesting, some wasn’t.

Incidentally, have you heard of DHMO? If not then you should google it and check out dhmo.org. It has some really interesting information, which I was telling my classmates about. There is one really important fact which you might not see right away. If you’re confused about what this is, ask, and I’ll let you know.

Then I had green fruit salad and a bitch for lunch, which was nice, but not conducive to me learning Arabic in any way. Nice to just have some time to chill with friends though, because as you know, I don’t do that a lot. So now I have class again, and will have to leave.

I’ll give you another good blog to read later, but only if you’re nice.

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