Being really awesome

I think the best way to be awesome is to get fit. It shows you have motivation, ability to identify and reach goals, and a high level of self-belief.

It is on this basis that my friend and I are now doing a Davina workout twice a week. We’re going to be awesomely fit and have washboard stomachs, and be able to run up hills, and other things that really healthy people can do. Also, it will save me £59 a month on the very nice but expensive gym down the road, and I have a fitness buddy as well. Life couldn’t really be much better from a health point of view.

I have never been a health addict. I’ve never been on a diet or belonged to a gym. I have always kept in shape because I eat properly and I run around doing things like a crazy person because I think that the world will fall to pieces if I don’t control everything involved. However, over the last year I’ve learnt the skill that is ‘chilling out’ and consequently have put on a bit of weight, and in particular acquired the legendary ‘muffin top’. If you don’t know what that is, it’s this

Muffin Top - Sandra Cohen Rose
Except whoever she is, I’m not as thin as her. But whatever, you get my drift. So today I went and did about 40 minutes of exercise DVD with Jess, followed by a 40 minute walk home. Twice a week and I think I should be set.
Though I did stop at Acima and buy Oreos on the way home. Whatever.

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