Do you comfort-do anything? I know some people comfort-eat, or go for a walk, or do sport, or sleep, or sit in bed and cry and watch terrible films and eat chocolate and feel sorry for themselves.

When something gets me down I watch awesome TV. Today, my choice is House MD. I’ve watched a lot of the episodes, but never in order. And I find it very comforting, mostly because I really don’t understand a word that they say most of the time. The characters are very pleasing as well, and watching the series in order is much better for getting a grasp on what is actually going on between them.

In other news, you should all get to giving a bit of money to charity. A couple of my very close friends are doing the very cool RAG Jailbreak from university and they need a bit of financial boost for their fund raising effort. The smallest amount of money is still a donation, so dig deep to help them out. They’re raising money for the Kinamba Community Project and you can donate to them here!!!

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