Giving and Recieving

I am a giver. And I resent anyone who took that in any way other than a nice and tasteful one. And on the theme of giving, you should give some money to charity. HERE

Also, I really like giving things to people, and doing things for people.

This is particularly noticeable on my Christmas List this year. When most people use the phrase ‘Christmas List’ they mean a list of things which they’ve picked out for themselves, but I always use it for the list of things I have decided to get for other people. This year my list is 68 items long. 70+ if you consider that for certain people I’m getting more than one thing. I feel like being here is the perfect opportunity to get really good value for my money on very individual gift items, which means that people who wouldn’t normally get a gift from me will. And I love that idea.

I love cooking for my friends, doing the dishes and giving people lifts. I basically enjoy anything which is for someone other than myself. I used to work in a supermarket, and I worked customer-services. I’ve never been better at anything in my life. When I am all grown up, I’d like to work for a charity. I think giving is one of the best things ever. Even though this definitely sounds like me blowing my own trumpet.

I’m pretty sure I told you to go here. What are you waiting for?

Give. It feels good.

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