Is anyone else out there a doodler?

I definitely am, which is a shame really because I can’t draw. It takes a lot of effort for me to draw things which look like they are supposed to. It’s not fair, because all of my friends are wildly artistic. The only part of art where I come into my own is doodling. I will draw anything that comes to mind, with anything available and in any style.

I particularly like cartoon-y doodles. They are always all over my school books (much to my embarrassment as I should behave more like a grown-up). And I love seeing what my mind can come up with in terms of subjects for my doodles. I almost always include the weather, because I am British, so I have to.

Have a doodle, with much love from me. Enjoy.

EDIT: Look what you made me do. Now I have doodling on the brain.

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