Oh Youtube, how we love thee.

HEY GUYS! Check this out!

Have you clicked the link? If not then go back and do that, otherwise the next sentence won’t make sense…Now, you should be only the people who have clicked on the link above left.

Ok, I know I am spamming a little bit now. But people, it’s a good cause, so once again I urge you to donate. For more information about the charity which these guys are raising for, you can have a look at their website which you can find here.


Today, it was windy. Windy like you wouldn’t believe. Walking home, there were points where I thought I was going to get picked up and carried off into the trees. It was much scarier at school though. There is a sheltered area where we can sit, which is covered by some bamboo matting and then a rigid plastic sheet. The sheet became detached and was smacking up and down on the bamboo. It was really unnerving, and I probably got a little too close to the American I was sitting next to. He didn’t flinch, but he wasn’t far off it! Clearly I am repulsive. (I jest, no ‘perky’ e-mails telling me how beautiful I am please)

Anyway, to help get past the horrific sound of banging plastic we had a fun YouTube session. Come on, everyone has done it. Sharing ridiculous videos with eachother. So here, for your amusement and entertainment are some of my favourite YouTube videos.

Charlie the Unicorn
Mishka the Husky
Ross Kemp on Gangs – The Milk
4 Chords
Old Spice
Sand Art

And my personal favourite….

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