The Flat

I am in the flat. The flat belongs to my friend Natalie and then a couple of other ALIF students. It’s really near the school so it’s cool to be able to come and hang here. I really ought to be revising for my test tomorrow but I have no drive when I’m around other people. I just find them so distracting. For a simple example, lets take the fact that I have taken about twenty minutes to write this much of a post. I should probably just delete it and stop here, but I won’t.

It’s now 3pm, meaning I have an hour before my next class. Which is why I should revise. But then I have tonight, with Habiba. I could probably use a good reason for her not to talk to me.

Currently my Texan friend is having problems making it to class. He’s the only person in his group, which should be motivation to go, but so far he’s tried three times with no success. Actually that’s a slight exaggeration, he’s only tried once, but even so. I feel quite bad because apparently I shattered his confidence by commenting on his baby face. For the record, he has a perfectly nice face with or without a beard. It’s just different without, but that is to be expected. Consider any self-confidence re-instated.

Gonna go revise guys. Motivation.

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