Back to the long days.

It is dark. And by the time my day is finished, it’s going to be dark again.

I had a dream I had to get home to the UK for an exam, and then get back here to Morocco later that day for a wedding. I’d somehow forgotten my passport, and my Mum refused to take me seriously that I needed to get back. We ended up driving around the countryside and ended up at a pub called the ‘A Little to the Left’ which was an old remodelled church. I was horrified, even though now that I’m awake I’m pretty sure the church doesn’t actually exist, I think I’ve just made it up.

Habiba sleeps really loudly.

I was hoping for a shower as well, but I don’t want to wake her. Oh well, sucks to be me this morning. Have a good day, rest of the world.

UPDATE: You know something has gone really wrong in your life (as a student) when you find yourself at school 25 minutes before your 8am class starts. This is the second morning in a row I’ve been early, and it’s getting too cold to be outside this early in the morning. Fail on my part.

UPDATE 2: This is why cats are evil. Fila is making me watch while she tortures a mouse that she’s caught. She’ll hold onto it, then let it go, let it run away and then chase it at the last minute and catch it again. Cruel cat.

UPDATE 3: This post is becoming exclusively updates. I quite like it. I also like reading class, because I feel like I really benefit from it. I do not like the random Americans who loiter outside our classroom, because I feel awkward when I can’t get through, and I’m too shy to ask them to move. And they’re loud. Silly Americans.

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