I’m worried I might be making myself ill. Not entirely sure how, but I am certainly getting worse by the day. Here are my symptoms.

1) Achey Eyes
2) Snuffy Nose
3) Achey Limbs and Joints
4) Constant Tiredness

Sounding worryingly like the start of the ‘flu to me. Worst thing is, I can’t lie in bed, because typically I have a test today, and a test tomorrow. And a test on friday. So no naps, no relaxing. Revision is important.

I’m not up for it at all and I honestly can’t wait until next week when we have three days off school for Eid. I will explain more on that later, but it basically means I might be out of touch from Wednesday to Sunday next week, and that’s a long time, and here is calming.

Why can’t I just go back to bed? Ugh.

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