Window Shopping and the Cold

Two things.

Does anyone else love window shopping? Actually, let’s start again. Put your hand up if you’re female (I have a great image of people at their computers with their hands in the air *ahem* but I digress). If your hand is in the air, you probably enjoy shopping, or at least spending money. I know I do. The only problem I have with shopping is that I am a Grinch, and I hate spending money I know I have worked hard for (or the government is giving me for food). As such I don’t really buy things unless I have a good reason, or I want to spontaneously treat myself – which doesn’t happen often.

However, I love window shopping. And now that I am here fee Fes, I love online window shopping, which is to say scrolling up and down Google looking at cool clothes websites. I have particularly diverse taste in clothes and I’ll happily jump from Ann Summers to MyVintage, or Warehouse to Dolly Dagger to ThinkGeek in the blink of an eye. I’ve bought myself a few little treats while I’ve been here, as well as some for other people back home, but what I really love is just browsing.

The funny thing is, I’d always had trouble finding clothes which fit in clothes shops. I am a bit short for the size of my hips, and so I have to take up trousers, and I’m big around the bust for the size of my waist, so things tend to sag off of my top half. And not to mention I can never find a bikini. But clothes from the world of the internet almost always fit me, I’ve never had to send a single thing back. It really is wonderful.

In other news, I’m cold. It is presently 13°C here which may not seem cold, but it is early evening still, and I’m in a house with no central heating to speak of. At night when it dips below 10°C it’s like living in a fridge.

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