Thud thud thum-thum thud

Drums. One thing I can honestly say I didn’t miss about being home. When you sit in my living room, you can hear my brother drumming in his bedroom just above. There is nothing which can make the experience any better except him stopping.

It’s not going to happen.

Today was family day in the household of Sally. There were aunties and uncles and grandparents and a singular cousin (I have millions, but they don’t love me enough to turn up to every family meal) and we had a lovely family-oriented time. And I had fun driving my Dad off to the train station. A feature of my family is that they are constantly jetting off all over the world for our variety of exciting jobs. It seems odd really that I am the only one who actually studies languages. Makes me wonder if it’s really worth it.

Now I am enjoying a relax in front of the telly. I think I miss Leeds again already, but it’s only two more months until Christmas, and while I miss the people in England a lot, that doesn’t stop me missing Fes, and especially my wonderful Moroccan family. I’m loving my time at home, but when Tuesday comes, I’ll be ready to get back.

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