Blue Army

If you do one thing in your life, sit on a train for an hour with the Blue Army, right after they’ve lost. It is hilarious and pathetic, but it did make for the best train ride I’ve ever been on, although it might have been better if I’d not been so tired.

Let me explain. A few points to clear things up first.
1) The blue army – Ipswich Town Football Club supporters
2) The train – between Peterborough and Ipswich after their Nottingham away game
3) The score – you know, I have no idea. They lost though.

So I was chatted up by a guy called Matt who was drunk, 32, married, with a 5 year old daughter. He pointed out that my leggings were see-through. A lot of times. And he made me wear his glasses. Also, he made me stop reading so I could join in a few raucous chants of


it was an experience. But totally worth it for the time I had in Leeds, two of the best days of my year so far. I only wish I could have seen more people and stayed longer, but the time I had was totally amazing. I couldn’t ask for a better group of friends. And I wouldn’t want to either, because even if they weren’t perfect, they’re still exactly what I would look for in a group of people.

And that’s my hometime so far. Three days to go, hope they’re as good.

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