I got onto Google! Yes, I know that’s no big deal because you’d have to be searching for something pretty specific (this blog, in fact) to bother typing ‘It’s Raining Here in Fes’ into a search engine anyway, but the point is, now you can, and you’ll actually find me in all my wacky glory at the other end.

I have lack of sleep again. A friend had a birthday last night, and it involved a house party. We played ring of fire, which I did very well out of, I think I drank less than the designated sober person. Then we moved on to iphone truth or dare. I don’t know who invented those things, but I would like to shake his hand. Things which occurred included –

1) Me getting off with my best friends inner thigh.
2) Every girl in the room having their bum squeezed by a blindfolded man who then had to guess who they each were.
3) People being taken out of the room to have ice-cubes put in places where it would melt quickly.
4) One guy dressing in a toilet-roll diaper for 10 minutes (although it felt like so much longer)

All in all, the UK is an absolute world away from Fes. It’ll be odd going back.

UPDATE: Just noticed this is my 69th post. Hee hee. 69.

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