Things I think about people: In Class

I have noticed this week three major things which annoy me about people, specifically those I am learning with.

1) I find people who drag the class really annoying. That is not to say I dislike them as people at all, but sometimes it is just irritating to have to go over the same point time and time again. Especially if they act like a spoilt little child about it, which some people have a tendency towards.
HAVING SAID THAT, these people are often so helpful. They normally ask questions which I think I know the answers to, and so when I find I don’t know the answer, it’s helpful to have it gone over.

2) At least as annoying, if not worse than people who don’t know anything, are the people who think they know everything. News Flash, you just don’t. Stop acting like the teacher is either
a) A total idiot
b) Wasting your time completely
You are not better than the rest of us just because you learn a bit faster, and there is no reason to ruin our learning experience by being so high and mighty. Again
HAVING SAID THAT, I know I can sometimes be this person, especially if I am in a bad mood. Again, it’s not a personal thing, these people are always really nice, it’s just an attitude thing.

3) People who act like you are special. Yes teachers, this is mostly going out to you. I’d like to think that it is clear to you that I am not mentally handicapped in any way and therefore if I get something wrong, looking at me in a pitying way will not explain my mistake to me. If I just guess until you are satisfied I’ve not learnt anything.
This section also applies to those people who laugh at other students when they make a mistake. It’s rude, I don’t laugh at you when you do something stupid so you have no right to laugh at me. Plus, I thought you were an adult by now, so you really should be past this.

Let me add a proviso to all this. I have never met anyone I truly disliked. It’s only ever people’s attitude which gets up my nose, especially when I know it is so easy to just be kind and polite. Come on guys, don’t be in any of these groups, people will start to hate you.

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