Salty Greasy Grassy Pancake.

That’s what I’m eating. It’s not great (and NO, not that kind of grass. I mean like green, eaten by cows grass). I want to leave it but I know Mounia made them specially. She forced me to eat them.

Have you noticed I’ve been posting much less often? I think I might be running out of things to say. Also, I always do the same thing, and I feel like ‘Oi wented to clarse an oi dided my works’ is not a satisfactory blog post.

Zaimisms? I think so.

Nations that they sit and drink some tea and decide to be united. You guessed it. This is Zaim’s personal take on the UN.

English yes we respect this language so they have a verb ‘to have’ so good for them. Arabs don’t have ‘to have’. Don’t know how they manage in all honesty.

I don’t want to cry now, after lunch yes, but not now. This is interesting. Zaim told us that if we laughed in his class he would leave because he hates laughing and that he would throw his son out of the house for laughing. Then he told us it would make him cry. From these two comments I gather we can laugh, but only after lunch. Go figure. 

Also I had two more tests and they were fine-ish. We’ll see when I get my results. Later I have a fun post on what I think of certain groups of people. It might become a tradition because I have many opinions on the subject. S’laters.

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