A day of two halves

Today has most definitely been a day of two halves. If I thought I could explain in in football commentary form, I would, but the fact is I’d seem stupid because I know nothing about football, and anyway it hardly works in writing.

Basically this morning was awful. I had a bad sleep, got up late, had greasy grass pancakes for breakfast and then couldn’t get a taxi. Got to school just in time to be told we are the weakest group in 15 years, and to do some complicated grammar. During the break of this lesson I also ended up in an argument about the teaching at home. I had thought it was ok (probably due to coming from a school where language teaching was non-existent) but I have now been informed in no uncertain terms that I am WRONG in this assumption and our teaching was in fact APPALLING. And no, that is actually a fact, not an opinion…

SO whatever.

I tried to post all of that earlier, in a really depressive way, but Blogger decided not to let me. Here was the turning point of my day. I worked on some homework over lunch, listened to music and chatted, and felt really good by the time Dareeja started. I enjoyed the lesson, and then got Si Zaim to check my homework in the break which was really good for me as an extra help. Then I got a taxi fairly quickly after class, and spoke exclusively in Dareeja for the first time. It went like this

Me: ?عندك الصرف
Him: ياح عندي. شوقرا.
Me:  شوقرا اسيدي
Me: = D

If you didn’t understand, never mind. It’s not interesting for anyone except me. Then when I got back I understood what Mounia was saying too. Score.

All in all, the fine points in the second half more than make up for the scattered approach and poor performance in the first half.

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