In the morning…

I was not made for mornings, but I felt the need to post this, because I’ll be away until Sunday and I forgot to tell you guys. Silly me.

I’m going to Ifrane, which is a small city about and hour from here. My big Morocco brother and big Morocco sister both go there, to the American style university. It’s all very nice, so I’m hoping I’ll get a relaxing weekend. Knowing my luck, I somehow doubt it.

To get there is the start of the terror. There are these things called Grand Taxis. Remember the little red Petit Taxis? Well those of you competent in French (so probably everyone) will know that Petit is small, and Grand is big. Grand Taxis hold 6 passengers, rather than the 3 which Petit Taxis take. Are Grand Taxis bigger? Well no, not much. They are sort of like this.

So I am planning to pay up for both front seats – that is one actual seat which normally holds two people – because it is a relatively long journey. Oh by the way, did I also mention Morocco’s huge road traffic accident fatality rates? No? Well most of them are caused by these guys.

If I don’t post again on Sunday, send flowers to my Mother, she’ll appreciate the thought.

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