الطقس حار اليوم

I think I am melting.

But my fingers are not melted enough to type, even though my brain might well be. Here goes nothing. Today I woke up early, had a nice breakfast and then went to school. By went, I mean I stood right next to a parked taxi for 5 minutes before the driver was kind enough to ask me if I needed a lift. Clearly I was not ‘with it’. Speaking was good, Bouchra is a good teacher and she answers questions efficiently. The usual suspects missed class, but it’s their loss. Then we had writing which I found interesting, but was probably the only one. Then I came home.

I didn’t walk because it’s hot, and I’ll die if I try to move. Therefore, I am not moving, so I am going to bung some telly on, and sit and work. So tell me (or rather don’t – no-one really gives me much feedback when I ask questions, and I don’t actually care too much anyway) what TV do you guys like watching? Here is my present list of likes

Waterloo Road
Masterchef: The Professionals
Glee (series 2)
Ugly Betty (series 2)
Dexter (series 2)
Only Connect
Russell Howard’s Good News

People often comment on my choices of TV, but what can I say? I am a lover of all things drama-fantasy-quiz-comedy. And cooking. Anything cooking. I would marry Michel Roux Jr in a second if he asked me.

Young ogres use recipes easily at stormy tables around Russia.

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