Earlier this morning.

I’ve just finished translation. It was a blast, really.

I realised what a mess I was this morning. I woke up with the sole intention to post an awesome blog explaining my absence this weekend. Because of that, I managed to not have any breakfast, so I’m presently surviving on a packet of Love Hearts. They have really stupid things written on them, like ‘Yes Dear’. Also I’m having an allergic reaction to them, but I don’t care.

Have I told you my allergy? It’s awesome. I am allergic to red colourant. It’s in most make-up and some pen inks (so don’t write on me or I will beat you) and when I get it on my skin I get a mild rash which burns a bit. It is also in a lot of sweets, especially Haribo. When I ingest it, my nose itches. That is my allergic reaction. For about an hour, I feel as if I walked through a spiders-web and got some on my nose and I can’t get it off.

Aside from not having breakfast, I also managed to shampoo my hair when it was dry, instead of wet, without realising. Which was quite messy. And I got toothpaste all over my face, don’t even ask me how. The upshot of it is that I feel thoroughly unready to go to Ifrane in two hours. Nevermind.

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