It is 9am, my hair stinks of smoke, I had 3 hours sleep, and now I need to go to the Medina.

Moroccan flat parties are interesting. Technically this was an American/Canadian/British flat party, but it was in Morocco and that is what made it weird. Alcohol is odd here, and seeing people get that plastered was not much fun.

Also, everyone smokes like a (collective noun) of chimneys. I don’t know if I smell more of tobacco or of hash, which is a big problem here as you know. Or, if you smoke it, probably a big positive. I have no interest in smoking anything at all, so to me it’s still a problem. Also, never going to be interested in Moroccan clubs. I was fine staying in the flat chatting. Although if I’d slept it might have done me more good.

We live and learn. I’m off to buy presents!

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