I wish I was that good at haggling. I’m not. Or at least I don’t know, since Aziz has a lovely friend who has now taken me to the Medina twice. Today he helped me buy pretty things for not very much money.

I’d love to show you pictures of what I bought, but some of the people who read this blog are receiving them as gifts fairly shortly, so I don’t want to give the game away. Because they are very cool, and it took me (ahem) much haggling to get them to a price I could afford.

I’ve just noticed that so far my only ‘spelling errors’ according to Google Chrome have been the word blog and the word Google. Bit of a design flaw with the spell checking program I think, to not include your own company name as a real word. And if makaynsh the word blog (yes it has a problem with my transliterated Arabic as well, unsurprisingly – it means ‘there does not exist’) well then what exactly am I writing? Interesting things to ponder while I get back to my homework.

I am ridiculously tired and so I’ll leave it there before I say something daft.

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