The Pomegranate Curse

Well, to be fair, I actually doubt it’s pomegranate. Remember a few days ago when I was really ill? Well, I’m ill again. Exact same symptoms only a little bit less severe.

So, my conclusion. I have an allergy. Or at least there is something which my body really doesn’t like, and I’ve had it twice in the last 3 days. The factor which makes me think this rather than food poisoning or a bug, is that with those things the symptoms don’t completely vanish for a day in the middle, and yesterday I was fit as a fiddle.

The only thing I can think is either pomegranate, cucumber, or that something has had pesticide on it (or somesuch). So, I shall be cautious for a few days.

I’m really hoping it’s not the pomegranate because pomegranate is lush. In fact, here is a pomegranate.

ALSO: To the nice people who think I’m really depressed and consider myself a bad speller and an even worse person/friend, don’t worry. I do think that a bit, but then I always have and I always will. I only post things which I think about on here, it doesn’t particularly represent me thinking bad things about myself. In fact in reference to this post, I consider it a strong personality trait to understand properly how you interact with other people. So I am entirely being positive about my relationships with people. Deal. I am a happy little person and you all know it really. To make up for the seriousness of all this…


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