Wedding Day

No, not mine, obviously. Le Boyfriend (as he is now known around the house) is certainly not ready for that step.

We are going to a trad Moroccan wedding – which will turn into an Italian wedding half-way through, should be fun. The only problem is that
1) I don’t speak Arabic yet
2) I got up at 6.30 this morning AND it might go on until about 4 tomorrow morning.

Also, everything I am wearing is borrowed, which is nice, and it’s all beautiful (pictures sometime tomorrow Insh’allah) but it’s weird not wearing my own clothes. I wish I’d brought a dress now, but I don’t think I really own anything appropriate anyway.

Also, on a completely separate note, I am a taximagnet. Let me clarify. I have, in the past week, acquired two different taxi-driver’s numbers. The second one refused to charge me for the fare, on the basis I called him. I told him I was busy tonight and I’m hoping he’ll forget, because I certainly intend to. No offence to the guy, but if I was going to pick someone to marry, I wouldn’t pick someone driving around a bashed up red Uno for money.

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