Somebody make me happy?

I’m really down in the dumps today. There are reasons, which I will not go into (although they include severe heartburn but I don’t know where the nearest pharmacy is and anyway I’m lazy). They are all perfectly good reasons too. And that being the case, I should be able to solve them and get on with my life, but apparently no.

My main problem is that here I have no-one to confide in. At home, Le Boyfriend does that job, and I talk to him about things and he explains how I am being a silly moo and he makes things alright. Here I don’t have that. And I need someone to talk to! And blogging is good, except I don’t want to tell the internet about my private life, and Le Boyfriend reacts badly to me telling other people about our private life too. I never realise until it’s too late that I’ve said something I shouldn’t, which then makes me feel encore worse.

I am a human vicious circle.

Remember the post about my brain doing this… –>

Well it’s doing it again. Over nothing. And there is not one thing in the whole world I hate more than knowing I am stressing about nothing, and yet continuing to stress.

I quite need a hug.

PS I am scared about dressing up fancy and going to a wedding where I know hardly anyone and don’t speak the language. It’s one of my reasons for my mood. It’s fair, right?

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