Facebook makes me nervous

If you didn’t already know, I’m sure it’s becoming clear that I am a bit of an internet addict. When I’m at home, and I have actual things to do, I am not an internet addict, because I have things to do. Here, no matter how comfortable I am, is not home, and I may not go for a random jog, or watch some awful television (except in French or Arabic. Although ‘Un Dîner Presque Parfait’ is amazing)

So I get really nervous when my internet lifeline breaks on me. Particularly when there is something I specifically want to do on it. Today, I specifically want to look at drunk freshers photos from the lovely people at home. And I’m not being allowed and that makes me really nervous and tense because I dislike things not working. If you were privy to ‘the phone fiasco’ that happened a few weeks ago, you will know exactly what I’m talking about.

In remedy of my nervousness, I am therefore blogging. I have been made aware I blog worryingly often, and I would like to say
I don’t care
It’s something to do with my life

I also became a techno whizz and managed to download the appropriate drivers for my bluetooth which means you can have some pictures not stolen from other parts of the interwebs now. Ignore that, I’ve failed at technology. I wanted to show you the fruit salad I had earlier. Maybe some other time when I stop losing the war against my computer. Stolen fruit salad.

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