Strapped for Cash

Well ok, I’m not actually strapped for cash. But I did spend 1400Dh in one go earlier. ‘On what?’ I hear you ask. Well let me reveal the most exciting thing to happen in Morocco so far (to me).

I’M OFF TO THE SAHARA!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes, it’s prettymuch just that. Sorry for getting so excited about sand. And a camel.
But I jest, it’ll be a bit more exciting than just sand. We set off at 12.30 from school and have a 7hour journey down to Erfoud, we stay in a 5* hotel with a swimming pool and jacuzzi (this is not the only reason I’m going, but it does sweeten the deal a bit). The saturday we have until 11 in the hotel chilling, before we head on out to hotel Tomboctou in Merzouga, right in the desert. Another pool = D. At about 5 that evening we will camel ride out to an oasis and watch the sunset. Then we sleep over in a Berber tent, and wake for sunrise before heading back (on camel of course) to the Tomboctou for a bit of breakfast. It’s then a 10hour drive back up to Fes, but it’ll be worth it (and also I’ll sleep, because a night in a tent will not equal good sleeping times for me…funny sleeping-on-the-coach pictures may ensue)
So there we are, welcome to my big adventure.
Incidentally, class today turned out alright, and I actually talked to Mounia, though I still didn’t understand half of what she said. But شوية بشوية I’m getting it. Oh and had another proposal from a taxi driver, he wanted me to go to his house and meet his mum. In the end I surreptitiously slipped a ring onto my ring finger and convinced him I was already married. I hate lying to people, but seriously, I’m just not marrying a taxi driver, no matter what.

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