Daaba Andee ttmereen bezzef, w Zaimisms.

Ok, so the title is a lie. I did all my homework yesterday and they didn’t give us any more today. For those of you keeping up, I did two tests earlier this week. I got 8,5 out of 10 for Dereeja and 35 out of 42 on grammar. Except Si Zaim then decided it was only a mock because apart from me it seems like everyone else did quite badly (to be fair I was lucky because I revised the right stuff. Like, literally the exact words that came up) so my awesome grammar mark counts for nothing.

Oh well, on the upside I had a lovely shower and then a little chat with Mounia (I am beginning to understand her now, though I still speak in sentances that sound like ‘have it this [le serviette??] now you have I have please?’ Italics indicates where I have no idea how to say towel in Arabic so I try French. Little joy there really. On the upside she insisted on washing my clothes which is awesome coz I’m bad at it. I tried to ask if I could help, but I don’t think she really had a clue what I was on about at that point (I think I was pronouncing it totally wrong. I was probably accidentally asking for fish or insulting her mum, good thing she’s nice!)

Have some Zaimisms from last week.

I am interested in couscous not in vegetables. They [the vegetables?!] are like feathers in your hat. I think he might have been trying to explain something about the subject being the only important word in a sentence here.

Some like sandwiches, some like me they don’t eat, I prefer to die than to eat sandwiches. Here we are discussing how Zaim refuses to translate literally. Gotta love the food-themed Zaimisms.

You need to have fish-eyes. That’s Arabic! Because you need to see the words to either side of the one you are working on. Interestingly that would stop you seeing the word in question, but we don’t care about than when we’re working with ridiculous analogies.

Noun-Adjective phrase is a big cheese, a small car, a wonderful house. In fairness he’s right, they are all noun-adjective phrases. Still entertaining to hear though. 

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