Rhythm is a Dancer

That’s right. Rhythm is a dancer, so it’s a shame my name isn’t rhythm (not that that would be the greatest name anyway) because I am clearly not a dancer. However, in an effort to keep fit, I’ve always done dance even though I am pitiful at it. I have now decided to take that to the next level. You see, gyms here are expensive, and girls can’t exactly just go for a jog either. And since the rooms at school are air-conditioned, I have decided to ask if we can use one a few lunches a week, and I’m going to start a dance group.

I’m hoping I don’t actually have to ‘teach’ because the last people I ‘taught’ dance to were a mix of 3 to 7 year-olds, and they are fairly satisfied with marching. However, I have managed to choreograph a whole (but poor) routine to ‘Dynamite’ by Taio Cruz.


No, there will be no videos of this routine ever available, even if it turns out really awesome (which it won’t because I dance like a mixied bunny) but, I was still proud of myself. That’s an entire 3:34.

UPDATE: So there is clearly only me who is particularly interested in how cheaply I can do fitness. A lot of the others have decided on joining gyms. Not sure I believe that they all will, but whatever. I will quite happily do an hour of dance in my room a night, and not pay anything for it. Just as healthy (I checked) more fun, and less socially awkward. Oh, and FREE.

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