Mounia is like a ghost. She scared the life out of me, one second I was alone and the next she’s here quietly cleaning the floor. Having a ‘maid’ is something I will never get used to, I feel like I need to help her all the time.

I have a serious problem with losing my thread. I’ll log onto Blogger with an idea in my head for a post, and in the three clicks it takes me to composing my message, I’ve always forgotten what I was going to put. Maybe I’ll come back to this later, with something clever to say. Maybe not.

Grooveshark is my friend.

UPDATE: The more observant of you might have noticed a new box on my sidebar called ‘Scores’. This is because whenever Le Boyfriend gets me with his bantertricks he gives himself a point. So I’ve decided to keep score and turn it into a competition, because I am a competitive person. Also, I’m awesome. At the moment, we’re 1-1 but this will doubtless change. Soon.

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