Strike of the Taxis

So about that strike in the title. Oh yeah, it doesn’t exist. But I didn’t know that when I woke up at 6.30am, ready to get a lift into school with my Morocco Mum and Dad. I had been informed last night that it was 100% certain that the public transport would strike today, but lucky me! Halima and Aziz were both going to Meknes this morning and could drop me off at 8.

Classes start at 10.

And there’s no strike, just loads of lovely taxis. FML I could still easily be in bed.

Anyhow, I am here at school which means I can revise for the tests I have today. Thought I’d been doing really well, but as it turns out, everyone else had a revision session so I’ll probably be lagging behind again.

ALSO: Moroccan weather, what do you think you are doing exactly? Two weeks of ridiculous heat which I couldn’t breathe or sleep in, and now this? Rain and freezingness? I mean rain is fine, I like rain, but I came here to escape death-cold. Please weather, brighten up. I was not prepared for this mentally, and it is making me sad.

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