I have an issue with socks. I don’t know what it is exactly but, I just don’t get on well with them. I went through years of only being allowed black socks (school and then work) and so now I only own brightly coloured socks covered in stripes or cherries or elephants. But I still don’t get on with them.

My problem is less the standard sock-muncher one (nice picture of The Eater of Socks from The Hogfather there – did I mention I’m addicted to Terry Pratchett?) anyway, less of a sock-muncher problem and more of a suitcase problem.

So normally, I forget to pack socks. And then at 2am on the day of leaving, I remember that I forgot to pack socks. That happened coming here, and my suitcase was only just underweight as it was. I ended up having a rucksack stuffed tight with all the socks I could find. It was excessive effort.

And it probably wouldn’t have made much difference to the luggage if I’d put them in there. As it turns out.

SO ANYWAY, back to the question which is the subject of my post…

Is it totally ridiculous to miss wearing socks?
Yes, I am serious. After all the hassle of getting my socks here, I’ve hardly worn them. Do you think they feel lonely and unused? I honestly can say that I miss wearing them. But in this heat it’s impossible. Plus, sandals and socks, we all know where that gets you. Sorry socks = (

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