Zaimisms 1

I have a teacher at school. He’s called Si Zaim. He says things like

‘Not to do your homework in the shower, neither the kitchen’

Which in fairness to the man, does make fairly good sense, because you wouldn’t want soggy homework now, would you. I now have a page of my workbook exclusively devoted to Zaimisms. Here are two more, and doubtless this will become a regular feature of my blog.

‘I will not mix salad with couscous’ – why, I hear you ask? Because in the mind of Zaim, where salad is الجملة اليسمية and couscous is المرفوع, we shouldn’t mix up our topics or we’ll get confused (or a bad taste in our mouths)

Finally, I really don’t want to explain this one, because it is so priceless by itself.
‘Good morning, Hello Hello, the old university? Goodbye’

That was prettymuch my class today. I’ve made it home to a house being cleaned and some loud Arabic being spoken in the living room. I’ve also been informed we’re going to ‘DO THINGS’ this afternoon. No catchup for me on sleep, clearly. Wish me luck.

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