A post a day…

…I could say keeps the doctor away, but
1) that’s probably a complete lie (I haven’t researched it)
2) this is my second post today anyway

I don’t honestly have anything to say, because I’ve not had a thrilling day. Woke up, posted about the wedding, had lunch, chatted with my Morocco sister, she left for uni, and then I came in here.

Oh, and we got a new maid. Her name is Mounia. She talks like this….

Yes, that is Chinese, and no, I do not understand it. I think she’s supposed to speak to me in Arabic, but I’m almost certain she’s just messing with my head and speaking something else. Sure I’ll get used to it though.

Have a Zaimism from Friday’s class to cheer you all up

‘the sentence has two parts, two legs, so the sentence can walk, can run, can play’

PS you should totally google translate my Chinese. I just picked some random words, but I like how it has re-translated itself. Oh, and then put the translation into Bad Translator and ask it to translate the max.56 times. I enjoy online translation a lot. 

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