And this is why weddings are awesome

So the wedding last night. Wow. Moroccans know how to do a wedding.

I got a picture with the bride. Score

Let me explain, this wasn’t entirely traditional. It was a Moroccan girl marrying a Swiss guy, and so they’d had a formal wedding in Geneva, and then a traditional style one here, with the night ending European style with a loud DJ and dancing. But before that, was the traditional bit. And the rest of the story you can see in pictures = )

The bride on her crazy throne above everyone
Yes, that was 4 HUGE plates of food. Between 5 of us.

And finally, this is me all dressed up in Halima’s Kaftan and Assya’s sandals. I hope you like it, I loved it although it was heavy, and we were expected to dance all night. No wonder I was so tired when I got home!

EDIT: Just realised how well I blend into the furniture in these pictures. LOL.

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