Golden Brown ♪♫

I just realised I’m going brown, and I felt that deserved a blog post. Because I don’t tan. My skin sees the sun and does this …

Let me tell you, it’s not fun. There is no amount of aftersun in the world that will fix bacon-skin no matter what anyone tells you. I also burn in really ridiculous places like the tops of my ears, and my cheeks. If you know me you will know that my cheeks stick out about a mile from my face, which might explain that one.
Also, I’ve re-discovered TV! I don’t think I should probably say how, in case the interwebs police come and tell me that it’s not allowed, but it means I can watch iplayer again, from over here. Many happies for me. However, it does mean I have fallen back into my old ways, which is to say, watching Grannie Programs intended only for Grannies.
Le Boyfriend dislikes my addiction to said Grannie Programs, as well as everything else Granny-ish I do. For to good of the blog, I feel like I should now list these things out.
– Enjoying stately homes
– Enjoying country walks
– Baking cakes
– Being able to knit (not very well, I must add, but I still do it)
– Liking museums
– Liking history in general really (and this criticism comes from the man who nearly did a history degree)
– Driving at the speed limit or below
– Watching my telly, which includes
  = Murder She Wrote
  = New Tricks
  = Midsommer Murders
  = Miss Marple
  = Actually anything with a ridiculous murder plot, as long as it’s not set in Oxford or Scotland.
Having now typed that out, I am ready to accept that maybe I am an old woman. But I am a cool old woman. Maybe I’ll dye my hair purple.

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