Late Arabian Nights

I need to have less late nights. I’d like to pretend I slept badly last night which is why I stayed in bed til midday, but there are 3 people in the world right now that know that’s not true. I just decided to stay up, and consequently was really tired at normal o’clock this morning.

The problem with that is that I had to get up sometime, and the only other person in the house when I managed it was Mounia. She’s lovely, but bless her, we don’t understand each other. She doesn’t speak French, and she can’t seem to understand that I need her to talk to me really slowly in Arabic for us to stand a chance. Eventually we managed to grasp that I wanted a shower, and she wanted me to have breakfast, so our crisis was solved. And, it’ll get me talking properly I suppose, now that I’ve got no choice.

Today I am revising because I have some tests on Monday. That could be another good reason why I shouldn’t have stayed up, but what’s done is done (and it was good fun).

I had a crazy dream as well, that I was in a videogame where you lead a bear to fish and if he eats them then good stuff happens. Then Le Boyfriend arrived and we had to run away from an evil man, but he was tracking us because I had a biometric chip in my hand so I pulled it out. And then we sat and chatted to some people in a posh restaurant.

That is another good reason I probably shouldn’t stay up late. My subconscious can’t handle it.

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