Where the heart is

Home isn’t  a place, home is people.

This isn’t my first statement as an online lifestyle guru (though obviously that’s what I am). It’s an observation from the last few weeks, in which I’ve moved out of what I would have called my home, and learnt that Leeds is full of places which feel like home to me thanks to all of the fantastic people here.

Life is full of change, and full of things which don’t come through. My relationship with my boyfriend was longer than my relationship with this blog, but long doesn’t mean right, and so in the end moving on was the right decision for us both.

I’m not over it yet. 8 years is a long time. But I know that in time, I will be, and while I work through this I am so lucky to have the best people in the world creating my home for me. I’ll never be able to say thank you enough times to the people who’ve let me cry on them, text them when I’m sad, leave my things with them, move in with them (a particularly big thank-you here).

So. If you need my new address then please get in touch (if I know you. Don’t post me things if I don’t know you. I’m not famous. That’s just weird). If you fancy catching up, I’m all ears and also time.

Thank you for being my home.


(Also maybe this is the start of me blogging more again, but also maybe not, please don’t get your hopes up)

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