Where now, nowhere, now here

When I was about 13 I picked up one of the most fascinating books I’ve ever read. It was called “Fire and Hemlock”, by Dianna Wynne Jones, and though I’ve read it a lot of times since, I’m still not totally sure I can tell you what the story is.

It interweaves the story of a young girl with the folk tales of Tam Lin and Thomas the Rhymer, and you spend the whole book not really knowing if you are coming or going. In particular, a set of vases are featured which depending on how they are positioned read any of “Now Here”, “Where now”, “Nowhere” or “Here now”. I loved the idea of these, and the idea that even if you feel like you don’t know where you are, it only takes a change of perspective to flip that on it’s head.

At this moment I’m somewhere between nowhere and where now? I’m beginning to take the first steps towards the first thoughts which will eventually lead me to now here.

Then the question will just be, where next?

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