Mastering the art of the Chef

I’m not sure if I like cooking, or if I like food.

definitely like food, I’m just not sure if I also like the process of cooking or if it’s because I know there’s food at the end (and in the middle, and there’s probably wine too, I’m a terrible influence on the kitchen).

The other thing I like is watching cooking. Not in real life, because I’m a control freak, but on TV.

Of course, I have sworn off the next series of Great British Bake Off because of BELIEFS about not just following the (insane amounts of) money. I also haven’t watched Masterchef in years, despite it being the thing which brought me and Boyfriend together in my student halls.

So what do I watch? Feels like time for a list!

  1. Great British Menu
    I truly believe this is the best cooking programme on TV. I’ve watched every season (though shamefully I haven’t begun the current one) and it just gets better and better. Professional chefs creating amazing dishes, a bit of history and a celebration of people who’ve done great things, and a good dose of competition.
  2. Cupcake Wars
    The clue is in the name. It’s a contest to make the best cupcakes. You didn’t even know how many ways you could make cupcakes before you watched this show. It’s very american and that’s only a good thing.
  3. Bake Off – Creme de la Creme
    Cherish Finden is my queen.

    This is professional pastry chefs making professional pastries and then having them measured with a ruler and spirit level. Also Benoit Blin who is very French. It’s all great.

  4. Hell’s Kitchen
    Gordon Ramsey shouts at cocky american chefs, and often sends his guests home empty-stomached. Also challenges.
  5. Man vs Food
    Greasy food from the USA, and also lots of it. And then he eats it all because of food challenges. Everything has cheese involved.

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