Hi world. Is it sunny where you are? It’s sunny here, which means busy (because you can be, and also because the sun illuminates how disgracefully untidy your house is).

I’ve been doing lots of walking lately. Firstly because I have terrible joints, and so other exercise is just difficult and painful, and walking is something I can do daily without it completely wrecking me. Secondly because I love walking, and exploring, and listening to podcasts and just generally moving and living.

I’ve been chronicalling my journeys via Instagram, using the hashtag #hometowntourism. As a person who has moved around a lot, it’s always struck me how few places “locals” go to. There’s some kind of barrier which means that if you’ve always lived next-door the the museum, it’s somehow not for you, or automatically not interesting. But I live in Yorkshire, in Leeds, one of the most diverse and fascinating places I’ve ever explored.

(I bet other places are way more diverse and fascinating, but I don’t live in them, so they haven’t been properly explored yet)

The other reason for taking the pictures is because I am shocking at photography, and always have been. I don’t really understand framing, or light balance, or any of the things you need to make a photo great. My arms are too short for selfies, and I don’t understand how anyone angles their head to not have a million double chins. Or two million single chins. WHATEVER. I just can’t do it.

So, take-home lessons for today are, explore your hometown because it’s just an all-round fab thing to do. Take pictures of it. And look at my pictures, but do so on the thorough understanding that they are quite bad.

You’re welcome.

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