Procrastination for the Nation

I don’t think it’s fair to describe me as lazy, per se.

I’m just one of those people who is quite adept at being busy doing nothing (as the famous song goes). I think many people who frequent the internet are the same, because there’s something totally joyous about going down the rabbit-hole of the internet – except for the point where you pop out an hour later and realise you’ve missed dinner.

I have to be quite disciplined, I’ve found, in terms of making to-do lists and then sticking to them. Bullet journalling helps me a lot with that at home, and at any one time I’ve got at least 3 to-do lists on the go at work. But nevertheless, I still find myself wandering off into the spiral of

[Case in point right here. I started writing this 40 minutes ago and then ended up on Twitter and now I’ve remembered what I was actually doing]


I find myself wandering off into that spiral of something mildly interesting which leads to something else amusing, and before I know it it’s 7pm and I still haven’t left work yet because I’m trying to finish the perfect document template (my life is Rock n Roll).

This all being said, all of the wandering thoughts and general procrastination are a big part of me. Yes, you have to learn how to control it, and yes, sometimes it’s not the most useful of tools in my box, but it does mean I rarely get bored or stop being motivated towards SOMETHING (maybe not the useful thing, but something), and that’s probably a good thing. Here’s to a bit of healthy procrastination.

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