Every Tiny Adventure

Every day is an adventure. Some of them aren’t massive, but there’s something adventurous about every new day on Earth, really.

Today’s adventure for me has been reclaiming my bedroom from a mouse. Said mouse made it’s invasion on Saturday morning, at about 3am, and since then it’s felt like I’ve been living in the bizarre world of Mousehunt (which is an excellent film by the way) – I’ve been hearing things which aren’t there, and turning the world upside down trying to find the mouse without harming it.

I got a nice surprise yesterday morning you see, when I lifted my pillow to find mouse underneath. It’s made me somewhat twitchy, I’d say. He was cute, but not a bed-buddy.

Another adventure of the day has been learning quite how much Boyfriend lets drop under the bed. After the Mr Mouse incident it seemed wise to just flip it over and make sure mouse hadn’t made a nest underneath. Mouse had not, but Boyfriend on the other hand has amassed almost £12.00 under there.

It’s a tiny adventure, in the grand scheme of things, but that doesn’t stop it being and adventure all the same.

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