This week a couple of famous people have passed away. I’m not that sad. I get why other people are sad, because we associate certain images, and sounds, and films, and speeches, and etc, with all kinds of important moments in our lives. Then, when the person who helped create that moment, or who brought it back to life for you each time you replayed that bit of media, dies, it feels like something has happened to that memory.

So I get it.

But then there are also a bunch of people who are sad for the sake of being sad. Someone everyone knows about died, and that’s a reason to get angry with the world. They were “taken too young”, or “the world is a little darker now”. Be real. No it’s not. You’re just creating melodrama, and I am absolutely positive that is the last thing in the world that those people would want. They were just people after all.

“Yeah” I hear you say (with your wheedly little voice of melodrama), “but they did amazing things”.

Well fine. They did. They were part of something special, because of their own unique gifts. But that’s something to be celebrated, not mourned. Don’t be sad that they are gone, be glad that they were ever here, born into a world where they could do the great things that they did. Take a leaf out of their book. Be ready to do something extraordinary, because that’s all they were. Normal humans who went ahead and did their own brand of extraordinary thing. That’s why we’ll remember them.

Go. Create.

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