Thesis Writing and Hormones

I have under a month before I submit my MAR thesis.

I also have three months until my contraceptive implant runs out, and my my, it is doing some tremendous things to my mood. I anticipate the next month to be a month of many things, including (but not limited to):

– a lot of anger
– a lot of crying
– a lot of wondering what I’m doing with my life and whether I’ve ever made any of the right choices EVER (spoiler, I have, it’s all fine)
– a fair amount of knowing that I’m acting a little bit nutty
– a fair amount of not really caring about the above and doing it anyway because I’m entitled to
– a lot of procrastination
– leading to a clean house, many clean clothes, many clean dishes, and probably lots of good food
– lots of walking

I don’t know if the next month will include very many blog posts, so if it doesn’t, I’m sorry (but also possibly not, because they’d probably just be angry and unrepresentative of my general life/mood).

In case it doesn’t involve a lot of blogging, you should all know that I’m currently raising money for Scope by trying to walk 10,000 steps a day – and currently doing very badly due to an inexplicably injured foot. You can donate towards our team goal by going to this link or by visiting and searching for “LUU Steptember Team”. Scope are a fantastic charity so all donations would be very gratefully appreciated!

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