Sympathy for the Grinch

I’m suffering from that most recognisable of diseases, grincheyness. It’s been brought on by an overdose of “my-final-draft-should-be-submitted-by-Monday”.

The weekend ahead should look very pleasing. I’m seeing various friends for good food and drink and company, I’ve got baking to do for work, and the weather is (currently) not shocking. I’m totally uninspired by the whole thing, and what’s worse, I don’t want to be.

And apologies to those friends I’m going to spend time with, who I know full well read this blog. Worry not, by tomorrow I’ll have chased off the grincheyness and replaced it with sunshine and laughter which will be entirely genuine, because these are people whose company I truly appreciate. But today, I am grinchey, and I’d just rather no-one takes it away from me.

I have  a lot of sympathy for the Grinch. Everyone can’t be sunshine and rainbows all the time. Some people are and they are sickening and boring. The world needs a good dose of cynicism, occasional malice, and often an undertone of general grumpiness. It’s important to be ok with not being happy, because if you’re not then being unhappy turns into a downward spiral of defeat. I don’t particularly like being not happy, and given the choice I’d have gone for some escapism for this evening and less grincheyness. But I’m here now, and I’m determined to enjoy my grumpy mood to it’s fullest.

I shall make dinner tonight, and it shall be delicious. But I’ll be resentful of all the ingredients for being healthy and fresh and not a cheap and nasty take-away.

I shall watch the Great British Menu tonight, and a chef will be knocked out, and regardless of who it is, it’ll be the wrong person.

I shall probably not do my Steptember steps, and then I may wallow in my guilt a while (but you should sponsor me anyway).

I shall go to bed frustrated that my thesis isn’t submitted.


And I’ll wake up tomorrow and we can have sunshine and rainbows again. But just not today. Thanks.

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