Anna Nalogy

I think after the last few days in the world of this blog, we can all concur that late-night posting is the best posting, so I’ll make this mid-morning effort a quick one.

Last night after I posted all about my biggest fear I had some time to sit back and think, and as I thought I was greeted by a bunch of lovely messages telling me not to be scared. So I came up with this analogy (an analogy…anna nalogy…geddit?)

My friends are like the light. They brighten ever part of my life and they make me overwhelmingly happy. After a day like yesterday which was so full of light, it felt easy to share my fears, because being afraid of loneliness is like being afraid of the dark. When you’re sat in the light, it feels silly. But once it gets dark you forget that it’s as easy as turning the light back on, and you just curl up and wait for the sun to rise by itself.

I know that’s daft, but it’s true. So what I think I’ve mostly learnt over the last night is that I need to take more initiative and let people know when I need them to come and light up my life.


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