Almost New Year

Another year, another apology for my lack of blogging as soon as my life got more interesting outside of the internet.

As with every year, I’m coming into January (or will be) with a whole set of things I want to achieve. Number one of course is to finish my masters, with completion finally looming (in that my completion date is October 2015, not in that I’ve actually come close to finishing). Other aims include making a positive start at my new job (more on that in a later post), pulling together an exciting event with Backstage, and being in an opera – this year it is Carmen and I’m once again a man.

This year has been busy – there are still plenty of things I aim to catch up on in the new year, and a whole host of posts in my drafts. One thing it has been though, is amazing – I’ve made new friends, learnt new things, and had loads of great new experiences which I’m going to grow through. It’s been what a year should be, a fantastic learning curve.

Anyway, as is probably obvious, I’m posting this because I know I won’t have time in the next few days, and what is the point of a new year post if it misses the big day? So, with that in mind…

Happy New Year!

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